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When Do You Need to Consider Working With Electricians in San Jose?

when to hire an electrician for the job

Making the decision to hire an electrician can be complicated, especially if you have a basic understanding of electrical work yourself. On one hand, you might save money by completing the job yourself or hiring a friend with some experience. On the other hand, working with licensed electricians in San Jose ensures the job is completed correctly, which protects your property and the people inside it. We understand decisions can be difficult to make at times. That's why we put together this guide — to show you the importance of hiring properly trained and certified electricians in San Jose, CA when you need electrical work completed.

When Should You Hire an Electrician?

You might already know that working with electricity can be dangerous and most jobs are better left to the pros, but what about small jobs around your home or business? Do you really need to hire a professional electrician for every little thing?

If you have a basic knowledge of working with electricity, doing small upgrades and repairs, such as changing out electric receptacles and switches with copper wiring, on your own should be okay. These jobs are fairly simple and don't pose a large risk. But you should consider calling in a pro for anything beyond that. Things like working with breakers, three-ways, and aluminum wiring can get a bit dicey. The work you do could increase the risk of fire, and most of the time, the risk isn't apparent until it's too late.

What's the Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Electrician?

When it comes to San Jose electric work, you have the option of hiring a commercial or residential electrician. Some companies, like Wooding Electric, offer both services and have employees who can tell you exactly what type of service you need. But ultimately, the decision is simple.

Residential electricians work with homeowners, servicing only residential properties, and commercial electricians complete electrical work for business owners who own commercial property. It's important to note that rental property and new construction typically require a commercial electrician, not a residential one. Make sure you choose the proper electrician for the job because residential and commercial electricians complete different training and certifications.

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring Electricians in San Jose?

Before you hire an electrician, you should gather quotes from several different electricians. San Jose, CA has plenty of professionals, so it shouldn't be hard to obtain three to five quotes.

However, the purpose of obtaining multiple quotes isn't just so you can get the lowest price. AS you speak with each electrician, you should try to gauge his or her level of knowledge as it pertains to the work you need the electrician to complete. Ideally, you'll want to find an electrician who is knowledgeable about the job specifics and charges a fair price.

It's also important to check credentials before hiring an electrician. The person you hire should have a valid license and insurance. Lastly, you should take a few minutes to read online reviews to ensure the person or company you're working with has a good professional reputation.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Professional Electricians in San Jose?

When you choose to work with a professional electrician it gives you peace of mind. You know that your building's electric is up to code and isn't a fire hazard.

Hiring a licensed electrician can also save you money in the long run. Often people who complete electrical work themselves do it incorrectly. Then, when a problem arises it costs more to fix because the electrician has to correct the original mistakes that were made too. Additionally, when you hire a professional it helps keep your electronics and appliances safe because you aren't likely to have an overload or surge of electric coming into the building that could damage them.

What Type of Services Do Residential Electricians in San Jose Provide?

If you're looking for residential electric services, San Jose has plenty of options. But it's important to understand what type of services residential electricians provide before looking for quotes. Some services residential electricians provide include:

Main electric service upgrades
Outlet and receptacle installations
Indoor and outdoor lighting
Surge protection
Fuse panel replacements
Code corrections
Electrical system evaluations
Air conditioning equipment wiring
Swimming pool and hot tub wiring

If you need any type of electrical work completed at your home, you would hire a residential electrician. San Jose has plenty of residential electricians to choose from, but if you want a company with decades of experience, you should consider Wooding Electric. We've been serving the San Jose area since 1992, and we strive to ensure all our customers have electrical systems in their home that keep their property and their family safe.

What Type of Services Do Commercial Electricians in San Jose Provide?

If you need to electrical work completed at your place of business, for a rental property, or for new construction you need to look for commercial electricians. San Jose has numerous commercial electricians in the area who are licensed an insured, including those at Wooding Electric. Some services commercial electricians provide include:

New construction electrical work
Upgrades for tenant dwellings
Office partition wiring
Backup generator installations
Design/Build/Title 24 Calculations
Single and three-phase wiring
Load distributions
Meter Separations
Underground electrical work
Electrical evaluations and consultations
HVAC equipment wiring
UPS system and surge protection

Ultimately, if you need electrical work completed that goes beyond replacing an outlet, you should consider hiring a professional. Wooding Electric has both commercial and residential electricians. San Jose has several options for you, but when you choose Wooding Electric, you can rest assured, you're choosing certified local electricians you can trust.